Beaches La Giannella

The Giannella beaches is a strip of beaches (8 km long) that connects the Argentario headland with the mainland. It is one long sandy beach with many beach clubs, bars and restaurants directly on the beach or situated in the dunes and pine wood just behind the beach. Nature lovers find also long strips of free and public beaches. The sand slopes slowly into the sea and is therefore suitable for families with children. Accesses to the sea from the provincial road are numerous and well indicated. La Giannella is also a beach strip ideal for sailing sports being sheltered from the southern winds (scirocco and libeccio).

Beach La Feniglia

The Feniglia beach is a large strip of sand (7 km long) that connects the Argentario with the mainland. The sand of the beach is fine and of a light color, there are beach establishments with restaurants and bars on the beach, but also large stretches of free beach that in some places is definitely wild and deserted even during high season. The shallow water makes it very suitable for children. Behind the beach is the Natural Reserve ‘Duna Feniglia’ where it is easy to spot wild animals. The beach is easily accessible: a few meters walk from the various car parks and a bicycle trail that goes from Orbetello until the sea; or, always by bicycle, a trail that crosses the whole Nature Reserve with various accesses to the sea. The Feniglia Beach is sheltered from the northern winds.